Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy late Christmas to someone!

Observation #33: Blogging is easy when you have a motive

Hey guys... (said in an unsure voice)
I know that right now I may seem like that friend who ignored you for two years and then decided they want to be friends again. Well that is exactly who I am right now. I know it hasn't been as long as two years but it sure feels like it. WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND AGAIN?!

I'm just going to pretend that you all agreed and we did our secret spit-on-the-ground handshake (sorry its not a secret any more) because I've got something to say. And your gonna let me say it!

I made some shoes for my brother for Christmas and I was so proud of them. Until he tried to squeeze them onto his foot and we all realized that they would never fit him. So now I am trying to sell them. They are size 8.5 in men's and 10 in women's.

I am selling  them for $60, so if your interested in buying them comment below or send me a message on FB.

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